What We Do

We design and bring to life learning in workplaces, transforming how it is developed and delivered.

  • concentrating

    Conventional learning programs focus on knowledge transfer. We focus on connecting emotionally with the user, igniting their curiosity. This builds a habit of learning that is proven to make employees more engaged and more productive. We do this using proven approaches from marketing consumer brands and social psychology.

  • business coaching

    Ways we do this:
    – By finding rich insights into employees’ lives, where work and learning fit in their life.
    – Through understanding what materials and experiences will connect with them for maximum impact.
    – By developing blended learning programs with appealing and easy to use design.
    – Using proven social psychology research to influence employees, making it easier for them to initiate change and continue to learn.

  • Problems we like to solve:

    • Learning Strategy: defining the right interventions for your organisation
    • Learning resources design and delivery: bringing the program to life through materials, facilitated workshops and coaching programs
    • Developing Learning campaigns: hooking employees into new learning programs
    • Increasing Capability: building learning and marketing skills in L&D teams
    • Influencing using social psychology: partnering with psychologist and author Steve Martin to apply Robert Cialdini’s work