Our Approach

The world of work is changing. As new job types appear and others become irrelevant, people need to constantly adapt to the new landscapes.

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    It used to be learn, work, retire. Now it’s learn, work, learn, work, learn, work. From 25 year olds starting their career to 45 year olds restarting it, learning is now an essential workplace skill. Organisations aren’t ready for this. At home, people are being inspired by TED talks and tailored apps. At work, they are faced with badly designed powerpoint slides and click-through modules. It’s time to have workplace learning that employees want to use – inspirational and motivating enough to ignite their curiosity.

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    Upwelling develops learning programs that employees want to use on their work challenges. Using proven methods from marketing and pyschology, we develop programs that people are excited to use, making them ready for what’s next in their organisations and careers.

    What we do