We help companies tackle complex business problems using Agile frameworks and methods. We make your teams faster, more effective and improve the employee experience.

The world of work is transforming and workplace learning needs to keep pace.
We make it easier for people to respond and adapt to these changes.

  • blue liquid bubbles underwater


    Upwelling refers to deep-sea currents that bring rich nutrients to the surface. We bring findings from social science and marketing to deal with your business challenges, making it easier to change behaviour. A lot of corporate learning doesn’t actually change people’s behaviour because it’s not appealing and effective. Based on proven techniques taken from successful consumer brands and robust research, our approach helps people change and learn more easily and quickly.

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  • coaching


    We design and develop learning programs for workplaces.

    Conventional learning programs focus on knowledge transfer. We focus on connecting emotionally with the user, igniting their curiosity. We do this using skills from marketing and social science. This builds a habit of learning that is proven to make employees more engaged and more productive.

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  • Pilsner Urquell Global Meeting


    Eoin is a former global marketing executive who wants to make workplace learning better for employees. He relaunched two large global drinks brands, reversing sales declines and repositioning them in multiple countries. He speaks Spanish and French, is a qualified business coach, holds an MBA and is an experienced facilitator.

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